Velmaneth is the world which the Heart of Pargon LARP system takes place on. It was created by the goddess Eremine at the dawn of time.


Eremine concentrated, her ageless brow furrowing and exhaled into her hands, the mists coalescing into a shining jewel, a thousand miles wide. It glowed purple and pulsed with power and darkness but at the same time light and joy for Eremine knew that only the balance of light and dark, good and evil can all things thrive. She named this great jewel Velmaneth and it was this first creation that was to be her focus, her life, her goal. Within the void this jewel would exist alone, darkly beautiful, brimming with energy and life. She smiled at her creation and from this smile spilt a brilliant light that danced around her creation and through the void. From this light she formed four moons and the sun to hold her brilliance eternally.
— The Creation of Velmaneth

Eremine created the jewel, which was the basis for her new world. With the creation of her four children, new features were added to the jewel - oceans, land, sky, and eventually life.


Since its creation Velmaneth has seen many great events take place.


  • Velmaneth was created in the Year 0.
  • The world is said to be about the size of the Earth's moon.

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